Divorce Mediation

Linda Robayo Divorce Coach

Divorce Mediation is a voluntary process during which you both, with the guidance of a neutral third party (the mediator) discuss and settle your divorce issues. Divorce Mediation allows both of you to have your say in a safe space so you can organize your emotions and move on from the story of your divorce to the business of your divorce: Deciding parenting time, financial and property distribution, support and how to create two households whose adults live separately but can co-parent together.

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Lower Fees

Most divorce mediators charge a per session fee which can possibly make the total cost of mediation less than a retainer fee for one lawyer.

Divorce Mediation - New Jersey Residents

The Kids Win

Opting to mediate means you're willing to consider decisions that benefit both of you including your children. You may not get everything exactly as you'd like, but by compromising in good faith you may spare your kids years of suffering due to watching their parents duke it out in court. No one wins with a drawn out, emotionally draining, and expensive divorce process.


You decide what happens to your family, house, and money, not your lawyers or a judge. Divorcing couples often give over control to their attorneys because “they’re the experts.” Lawyers are experts in the law, but the both of you are the experts in your family dynamics and financial matters. 

By discussing these issues with a qualified divorce mediator, the goal is to consider options that may not have been obvious before sitting down together. This increases the likelihood that you'll reach a decision with which you can both live.

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