Attorney Review & Consultation

Linda Robayo Divorce Coach

In support of your efforts achieved with another mediator, I am available for Attorney for Review & Consultation services.  

Most mediators, including myself, will recommend that you do the following: 

  1. Hire an Independent Consulting Attorney During Mediation:  Since mediators are neutral third parties, they can’t give legal advice (even if they are licensed family law attorneys).  A consulting attorney, with whom you will meet on your own, without your spouse, will:
    1. Be duty-bound to act/speak in your best interests only.
    2. Allow you the freedom to ask questions you may have hesitated to ask during mediation.
    3. Answer any questions about the state law discussed during mediation, and how it does or doesn’t apply to your situation.
    4. Clarify how your mediated proposals regarding family issues may or may not differ from what a court may decide. 

You can then return to your next mediation session satisfied with your results, or you may question the proposals and seek additional options.  

  1. Hire an Independent Review Attorney:  Once you and your spouse are satisfied that the written divorce proposal is complete, both spouses should hire an independent review attorney.   With attorney review you will:  
    1. Hire your own attorney.  You will have your mediation document read by someone devoted to your interests only.
    2. Ensure you understand each term to which you’ve agreed, and that the document is worded so that the result you expect occurs. 
    3. Have confidence that your document, since you’ve both had it reviewed by separate lawyers, will endure unless and until it requires modification.  


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