Divorce Coaching

Linda Robayo Divorce Coach

Close your eyes and imagine yourself navigating your divorce with less frustrations, more calm, and an increased sense of confidence.  Divorce is chaotic, and you may still sob and scream, but with a coach you’ll control those emotions when it’s needed most – with your attorney and spouse.  Divorce Coaching is different from Divorce Mediation. With your divorce coach you will…..


Process all those emotions you're feeling so you can think more clearly when making decisions for you and your kids. Help the kids adjust and figure out what would make you happy again while creating a new life for you and your children.


Separate your personal life from your work life so you remain on top of your game career-wise and are available for your kids.


You’ll be prepared as the best communicator possible with a prime seat at the negotiating table. This way you stay centered and focused on what you really want most without letting your emotions or your STBX (soon to be ex’s) behavior derail you.


Create a step-by-step plan to understand the legal process and banish feeling overwhelmed. You’ll be prepared for your attorney meetings and make the best use of your lawyer’s time. That saves you money!

Linda Robayo is a Certified Divorce Coach, practicing nationally and as a New Jersey Divorce Coach.

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