Are You a Working Professional
Juggling a Career and Family
and Now Facing a Divorce?

Get Divorced Better and Less Bitter

Linda Robayo, Esq.
New Jersey Divorce Mediator  |  Nationally Certified Divorce Coach
Bilingual Spanish Divorce Coaching, Mediation & Family Law

Attorney Review

In support of your efforts achieved with another mediator, I am available for Attorney for Review & Consultation services.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce coaching arms you with the tools to avoid the 6 Biggest Mistakes made during the process while helping you channel your values and your strength. This means you’ll show up credible and composed and be the best communicator possible so you stay focused and centered on asking for what you want most without letting your emotions or your ex’s behavior derail you.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation gives you both control over the terms of your divorce, how long it takes, and how much it costs. Instead of two, retainer-hefty attorneys vying to prove who is right, mediation helps you both develop as many options as possible for each topic you tackle – this way neither of you is stuck between only two solutions. The mediation process can even improve your new roles as co-parents. This is big, because the kids benefit, and isn’t that the best-case scenario?


Linda Robayo, Esq

Are you a busy working professional juggling career and kids who's had divorce papers dropped in your lap?
Do you both want a divorce, but prefer to save money, avoid expensive lawyer fees and prolonged court litigation?
Do you want to be a credible client at the divorce bargaining table so you achieve what's best for you and the kids?
Are you hoping to minimize the fall out on your career and kids due to the divorce?
Do you want to co-parent successfully so you and your kids adjust well?
If you answered "Yes," divorce mediation or divorce coaching could be the solution.

Are you facing divorce in New Jersey? NJ Divorce Mediation differs from other states. Linda Robayo helps prepare her coaching clients for mediation in New Jersey.

What Clients Are Saying

"Linda was a beacon of quick, calm and steady guidance during my turbulent period of divorce. She reacted swiftly and with great sensitivity when I contacted her and advised me on my options as a male in the relationship. I felt at the time that my ex-wife could do as she pleased, but Linda gently, yet persuasively, guided me to tap into my inner strength to act in a manner that protected me and my children."

Bruce D., Florida

"When I was lost and didn't know what to do next, Linda was there to gently guide me as to what was the best path for my children and I. I liked that she listened to me and helped me realize what was important without pushing me into things or rushing me while making me understand the situation and what was needed."

Melanie Sutherland, New Jersey

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